How To make new module whmcs

To add a sales module in WHMCS, you need to follow a few steps:
  1. Create a new folder with the name of your module in the "modules/servers/"directory.
  2. Create a file called " config.php" in your modules folder. This File will be used to configure your module.
  3. Create a file called " module.php" in your modules folder. This File will contain the sales logic of your module.
  4. Add the following code into the file " config.php" to configure your module:

  1. Add your sales logic into the "module" file.php"

Login to WHMCS admin area and activate your module in "Setup" - > "Addon Modules"
For example, the base code for the sales module can be viewed here:

Remember that this is just a basic code sample and you should customize this code according to your sales needs.

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