How to Resolve Domain Blogger Can't Accsess without "WWW"

Some blogger users complain of a condition where the blog domain cannot be accessed if they do not add www in front of it, this may be due to the DNS settings not being directed correctly

Usually you only add 2 CNAMES, right ?

First, you need the appropriate CNAME data for the selected blog address, which is associated with for example, if you're going to link this blog to

Second, you need a second security CNAME record. When you try to register a domain on Blogger, the system will fail and display two security tokens. You need to create a second CNAME record to associate a short token (example: htzzzn76a3ri) to a long token (example: note: changes to DNS records may take 48 hours to take effect.

After saving both CNAMES and waiting for a propagation period of 5 hours, the blog can be accessed with the domain address registered from the registrar

Here the next problem arises that the domain cannot be accessed if it does not add www in front of it because pointing is not directed to the blogger host correctly

Therefore, if you install a top-level domain diblogger should also add a "4-a record" that helps point your domain to the pointing / destination blogger usually refers to the IP address

Similarly, a post about how to overcome a blog domain that cannot be accessed without www or so that the blog domain can be accessed without www, you still have to add 4 A-records to help direct the domain service server to the destination correctly. That's all and thank you may be useful

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