How To Delete Node Cluster Proxmox

To delete a cluster node on proxmox we must first log in to the main proxmox server by SSH

# root@ipserver-proxmox 

after that we identify the node with the command

# pvecm nodes

If the node that appears is only one other node does not appear due to a misconfiguration from the start, what we have to do is find out the name of the node first by

# cd /etc/pve/nodes/

Then enter, the name of the node that we want to delete will appear, to delete it run the command

# pvecm delnode namanode

If, at the time of deleting a node, a warning

cluster not ready - no quorum?

Then do the command

# pvecm expected 1

After that do the command again

# pvecm delnode namanode
Congratulations, you have successfully removed the cluster node you want

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